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Melissa Reilly, PsyD

Alone in the hospital room six hours after giving birth I felt an unbelievable emotional pain that felt like part of me was breaking.  I lost my mother 15 years previously and yet in that moment the pain I felt over her absence was as if she had just died again. I couldn’t believe that instead of being consumed with joy I was overwhelmed with grief.  What was wrong with me?

Moms separated from their own mother by physical distance, emotional estrangement or death experience a grief process that is rarely identified, let alone talked about. When my son was born, I did not have family or close friends nearby to help out, give advice, or with whom I could share my experiences, fears and joys. As a mom without a mom I was on my own which felt overwhelming and frightening. Being a new mom was definitely challenging and I discovered quite quickly that I needed to find ways to replenish myself that didn’t require me to take time away from him. Not only did I not have others that could watch him, he was difficult to sooth and needed constant attention. 

I am not ashamed to admit that those first few months of his life were some of the most difficult times of my life. I loved him dearly, but I felt so alone and unsure of myself as a mom. I know what it is like to be a mom during difficult times and not have a go to person to rely on for help and guidance. 

During the past 22 years as a psychologist, I have helped hundreds of moms as they navigate the challenges and triumphs of parenting. I understand the pressures Moms face and know what it feels like to be confused and overwhelmed by all of the information and unsolicited advice out there. As a clinical psychologist and postpartum coach I love to help moms without a mom heal through grief, build community, feel joy in motherhood and move from feelings of isolation, insecurity and overwhelm to a place of confidence and resilience.

I look forward to supporting you!


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