Bonding with Baby While Caring for Yourself Guide


Welcome to the only guide designed to help new moms without a mom develop strategies to care for themselves without needing to find extra time away from their baby.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and completely drained? That is totally normal when you have a new baby. But it is so important to take care of yourself and replenish, and rest so you don't significantly increase your risk of postpartum depression, feelings of distress, and declines in your daily function. But let's face it, if you wait until you have quiet time alone, it will never happen. I want you to care for yourself as you care for your baby. I am here for you!

You might be thinking "Melissa, how do I find the time for self care when I don't have someone I can call who will drop everything and come help me. I feel like I am struggling on my own."

I am so glad you asked! I know that time is especially difficult for those of us that don't have our own mothers to provide assistance (both physically and emotionally). That is why the BONDING WITH BABY WHILE YOU CARE FOR YOURSELF guide is so helpful!

  • You will find six self care strategies that are easily incorporated into your day WITH your baby.
  • They are designed to not only enhance your feelings of peace, wellbeing and resilience, but they also strengthen the connection between you and your baby.
  • Spend as little as two minutes a day and within two weeks you will notice yourself feeling in increase sense of calm and wellbeing (and who doesn't want that).

Start using these strategies immediately!

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